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Shipping & Delivery

Do you ship internationally, and when will my order be shipped?

Yes. We do ship internationally. Your item will be sent for laboratory certification, and will be shipped to you within 5 to 7 working days via TNT Express (delivery before close of business on the next or earliest possible business day).

Enhanced Liability
All shipment is automatically covered with enhanced liability of up to a maximum value of €25,000. Meaning, we are covered. If your purchase is lost along the way, you'll get a total refund of up to €25,000.

Just so you know... On October 7th, 2016, President Obama signed an Executive Order, effectively removing all sanctions on the importation of gemstones from Myanmar. It is now legal to import all gemstones, including ruby and jadeite, from Myanmar. http://agta.org/pressroom/20161024-agta-news.pdf

How do I track my order?

You can expect a shipment confirmation email with all your tracking details, when your order is ready to ship. You can easily track your TNT shipments online. Get real-time and detailed progress of all of your shipments via TNT Express TRACK & TRACE

How will my shipping fee be charged, if I place an order with items from multiple sellers?

We'll consolidate your purchases from different sellers and ship to you at one go. The total shipping fee will be calculated based on the sum of individual product's weight and your destination.

This way, it saves you on shipping costs, and spare you the trouble of having to deal with different shipment from each seller. Your total applicable shipping fee will be clearly indicated in your cart during checkout. 

FREE Shipping & Taxes on order above $2999.

Customs, Duties and Tax

Applicable customs and import duties may be charged after the parcel arrives in its destination country. These charges must be paid separately by the buyer.

Note: Your parcel may be opened at customs for inspection.

Refunds & Returns

What is your return and refund policy?

FREE PayPal Refunded Returns Service

Send your purchase back and PayPal will refund your return shipping cost*. Click here to activate now to enjoy this service on your next purchase.
- Valid from 1 January - 31 December 2017
- Subject to Returns & Refunds Policies
- You need to activate this service only once
- Applicable in All Countries

Since we're a marketplace of independent shops, refunds, returns, and exchanges are handled differently from seller to seller. Therefore, it's always good to ask the seller any questions to seek clarification, if you'd like to find out more, have any doubt or do not understand certain things.

In general, each seller on Land of Jade sets their own policies regarding returns and refunds. These policies should be displayed in each seller's Policies tab toward the bottom of any item listing page.

Dispute Handling

Be sure to check out a seller’s reviews, and shop policies. Be sure to keep all communication on Land of Jade, using our messaging system ("CONTACT SELLER").

As with all things in life, it's always good to remember the old adage... "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

How do you handle dispute?

Do not panic. Let us settle any issue fairly, reasonably, patiently and amiably. It's good to be aware that we're from different cultures and speak different languages :D

Steps to take, in the unlikely event your purchase from a seller does not go as expected:

1. Sort it out directly with your seller first. If that fails, then
2. Write to [email protected], to formally file a case.

Although we're not directly involved in transactions between a buyer and a seller, we will work together with both parties to resolve disputes that result in a non-delivery or are not as described.

How do I contact seller?

Log into your account to send a conversation to a seller from their product and seller profile page, click on the "CONTACT SELLER" button. Below are some questions that your seller can help you with:

- Product inquiries
- Shipping information
- Shop and shipping policies
- Status of your order
- Issues with your item

Security & Protection

Is your website secure?

We take website security issues very seriously and uses the latest industry-standard SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption to protect your personal information. Here's our Privacy Policy.

Additionally, the site is constantly being monitored by McAfee SECURE and StopTheHacker to check against malware, phishing, blacklisting, viruses, and a valid SSL certificate is being installed, to ensure your safe surfing.

Secure Payment

Secure transactions with automatic fraud screening, 24-hour transaction monitoring and Buyer Protection program, to keep you safer. Learn how to stay safe online and spot phishing immediately.

Your order is safe and secure. All transactions on this website are secure, as indicated by the icon in your browser window. Payments can be made using any major credit card, without the need for a PayPal account.

PayPal Buyer Protection

- No expiry date
- Customers have a dispute filing window of 180 days
- Safeguards all eligible purchase. Exclusions apply
- Applicable in All Countries

Add peace of mind to your cart. Shop using PayPal to enjoy PayPal Buyer Protection on your purchases. Here are some scenarios:
- You received a completely different item.
- You purchased two items, but received one.
- An item is defective but not immediately obvious.
- You bought the original, but received a counterfeit... etc
Click here to find out more.

Trusted Sellers only

All sellers on this website are verified, registered members of Myanmar Gems and Jewellery Entrepreneurs Association (MGJEA), a non-profit association, and a permanent member of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce of Industries (UMFCCI).

Myanmar Gems and Jewellery Entrepreneurs Association (MGJEA) Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI)

All merchants are required to meet its eligibility criteria, such as having a government registered business address and certificate, physical store... in order to qualify as a member.

Furthermore, they have been in this trade for generations, and are not one-man show, or some street sellers.

100% Money Back Guarantee

All products purchased on this site comes with registered laboratory test certificate, which provides a thorough breakdown of the weight, colour, dimensions, grade, transparency, cut & shape...

You'll be given a full refund with no questions asked if for example the jadeite jade you purchased is found to be treated jadeite or of any other materials, by a reputable laboratory.

We stand by the quality and authenticity of our products, which are strictly Genuine Burmese Jadeite, Rubies & Sapphires.

Don’t try to get your answers by showing the jewellery to your local neighbourhood jeweller. Why? It's simple. He has a product from a competitor on his hands and he will try his best to make it look bad. Not all jewellery store owner will do that, but a majority of them will. That's the fact of life. So even though your product was as good as promised, you will be left feeling depressed by his comments. Save yourself this trouble and rather go the scientific way. These can be easily appraised by the right laboratory.

Service Excellence Commitment

Sellers are expected to provide a high level of customer service. Sellers who persistently contribute to a negative buyer experience will not be allowed to sell through Land of Jade.

We're committed to ensure that you shop with confidence on our site.

Smart Shopping

Thousands of merchants from all over the world flock to Myanmar Jade, Gems and Pearl Emporium annually, to buy tons of raw jadeite stones worth hundreds of millions of dollar; repackage/design/process... resell them to the market.

Therefore, it's not uncommon that for the same Jadeite, you could be paying several hundreds or even thousands more, than if you purchase it in Myanmar, or from Land of Jade.

For jadeite-lovers, buying directly from the merchants here would be a much smarter alternative to buying jade at retail jewelry stores.

All jadeite is jade but not all jade is jadeite. Confused? Read about it...