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Looks are everything. Buyer can't touch or see your item. Therefore, your photos must tell them all about it. Showing these in the photos will give your buyer the info they need to make the purchase.

1. The Rule of Thirds
With the grid in mind (nine squares in the picture below), you can either center your shot or put your focus in one of the outer thirds. Often times, a subject (tree in the picture below) that's off center makes for a more interesting image because it forces the viewer's eye to wander across the whole image.

2. Use Natural Light
Taking photos in natural light on a sunny day (outdoors or through a window) is an easy way to boost your image quality. Leverage the quality of natural light by taking your images during the day and without the aid of artificial lighting.

3. Shoot Different Angles
Present your viewer with a more interesting image. Try shooting from various different angles. Go high, low, up close, far away, and test several different side angles.

That's it.

Ce zu tin bar deh
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